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@TwitterSupport Glad and much thankful for your Kindness. Looking forward to being @verified @twitter 😉. #VerificationFeedback

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@TwitterSupport Could I Get The blue verified badge, Because I have been Impersonated before, and also because I'm a Person Running for Congress in Georgia's 13th Congressional District. #Verified #verification #VerificationFeedback #USCongress #Congress #Candidate #USCandidate

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If the majority of people I interview are @verified, maybe I should be to?

#justsaying #prettyplease

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Hi Twitter, how can I get verified? Looking forward to hearing from you. #VerificationFeedback

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📷 Meanwhile here in the A-Town🗺… STAY TUNED for more from MAYOR & RED HAT 🧢 RED CAP 🧢 PRODUCTIONS 😎. THA’ CHOSEN ONE☝🏾. #Copyright #motiondesign #VerificationFeedback #tattooedmodels #california2019 #malltwitter #stalkersaturday...

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Meanwhile here in the A-Town🗺... STAY TUNED for more from MAYOR & RED HAT 🧢 RED CAP 🧢 PRODUCTIONS 😎. THA' CHOSEN ONE☝🏾. #Copyright #motiondesign #VerificationFeedback #tattooedmodels #california2019 #malltwitter #stalkersaturday #VIPDaReMarkable #mormon #intellectualproperty

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#VerificationFeedback, Olá Twitter, estou tentando ter o selo de verificação, porém o formulário padrão está bloqueado, mas eu não acho outra maneira, o que eu faço?

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Hello #Twitter .
Can you pls attach that blue twitter mark now ?


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Real active accounts for at least 10 years or more
I ask them to be included in the approved accounts category.☺️🙏

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#VerificationFeedback Hi @TwitterSupport @verified ,please verified my account. Pls check my account and verified. i am (Politician) or President at Bihar Vikash Yuva Morcha . My website is

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Verizon phones down-2 days. Our medical office is at a standstill. Patients are greatly impacted. Verizon does not proactively update their customers. No eta. No transparency. Terrible customer service. No accountability. #verizonoutage #Verizon #onetalk #VerificationFeedback

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@TwitterIndia & @verified

How can i get verified ? Can I get some information/support !??

Thank you 😊

#VerifiedLucy #Verified #VerificationFeedback

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Buy art now! It makes a great gift! 38 galleries to choose from, Over 11,000 photos @ #ClothesForPhil #ChennaiRain #CancelStudentDebt #CookingFail #coronavirus #ChicagoScanner #vaccine #vss365 #Video #Voyeurspy #VoteHimOut #VerificationFeedback

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Waiting for account approval for 2 years ?

2 yıldır hesap onay bekliyorum ?

Please answer ?

Lütfen cevap veriniz ?




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@TwitterIndia राजनीतिक संगठनों से जुड़े लोगों को भी @verified करे जिससे वह अपनी बात रख सके आम जनता की समस्याओं को राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर उठाने में आसानी हो। @manishm @


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@verified Today Twitter verification has been resumed in 2021. Verify my twitter account to


Thank you, Navratan

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Please report this fake @adam3us impersonator. Thanks.


Need help @jack @TwitterSupport @verified? #VerificationFeedback

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Just stumbled upon this ➡️ Help us shape our new approach to verification #VerificationFeedback #GizzaTick

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This is brilliant! Verifying that you're not a robot via @YouTube #ux #VerificationFeedback #captcha #ui

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Estamos planejando o relançamento do nosso programa de verificação em 2021, mas primeiro queremos ouvir você.

Sua opinião pode nos ajudar a moldar a nova abordagem. Leia nosso blog com o esboço da política e envie #VerificationFeedback aqui.

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Twitter i think you're missing out on verifying Scientists, a key set of people who put facts and truth front and center. #VerificationFeedback

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My opinion is that it should be given to the accounts that have the correct credentials for 10 years or more and who are actively using it constantly.
I would like it, I would really appreciate it. @Twitter @jack 🙃🤞

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@Mohamedkorane1 @Twitter @TwitterSupport we humbly pray that The Twitter account for Garissa Governor H.E Ali Korane be verified, it's @HonAliKorane

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#VerificationFeedback Anytime you're ready @TwitterSupport @jack @Nonprofits we're ready to be verified!
Waiting on you now...

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Se debería de retomar nuevamente la idea de verificadores ahora para servicios de oxígeno. #Verificado #Verificadores #VerificationFeedback

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Hace unos momentos estos tipos estafaron a una amiga con la renta de un supuesto tanque de oxígeno. Mira que lucrar con la salud y el dolor. Pinche gente sin escrúpulos.
Aquí los datos para que no les pase lo mismo #PasOxig 👇🏽🤬

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मे @agrawalinc मध्यप्रदेश कांग्रेस कमेटी मे आईटीसेल के पद पर नियुक्त हू कृप्या आपसे मेरा अनुरोध हे की मे सभी वर्ग के लोगो की आवाज अपने अकाउंट से डालता हू यह मेरा ओरिजिनल अकाउंट है कृपया आप इसे वेरीफाई ब्लू वैज प्रदान करें #VerificationFeedback

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