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I am pleased and happy to repeat the news all votes have been counted. The board of selectives has certified my election victory!

THANK YOU AMITY! #Vaughn2020

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@MayorLVaughn BREAKING: A nearby earthquake caused 640 mail-in ballots to wash ashore in Amity! ALL 640 WERE FOR MAYOR VAUGHN!!!! With a total of 1,150 votes, I can report @MayorLVaughn the winner by three votes.

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@MayorLVaughn @realchiefbrody @HooperInSharks The write in votes from Cable Junction were late but appreciated I imagine, Nephew.

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While a disappointing amount of @realchiefbrody and @HooperInSharks write in votes came in, I’m pleased and happy to repeat the news we’ve won the election! #Vaughn2020

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@CapeStation can project @MayorLVaughn has won re-election....but this could change if the write-in ballots fished out of the harbor are dry before midnight.

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The polls have officially closed here in Amity. While the write in votes are still being tallied it’s looking good! #Vaughn2020

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@MayorLVaughn He’ll hang ‘em up by their buster browns #Vaughn2020

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Amity Mayoral Election; Vote for One

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@mbp7545 @AmityReporter @MayorLVaughn I'm on board with that.
#Vaughn2020 🇺🇲🇺🇲

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@MayorLVaughn When #Vaughn2020 is over, please consider #VaughnforNYGov2022! NY state needs you now more than ever! In US history, the following 3 Mayors became Pres nationally, only after having statewide experience:

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RT lisastylegirl "RT @MayorLVaughn: It’s a beautiful day and the beaches are open. Don’t be afraid of large predators. Don’t let it dominate your vacation. It feels great to get in the water! #AmityMeansFriendship #Vaughn2020"

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It’s a beautiful day and the beaches are open. Don’t be afraid of large predators. Don’t let it dominate your vacation. It feels great to get in the water! #AmityMeansFriendship #Vaughn2020

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@MayorLVaughn V is for Vaughn, V is for Victory... #Vaughn2020

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Chief Brody is trying everything in his power to silence the #VoteVaughn movement but it won’t work. The parades and rallies WILL go on! #AmityElection #Vaughn2020

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When @MayorLVaughn insisted on driving around the island today to wave at all his fans @realchiefbrody tried to talk him out of it because he didn’t think it was safe.

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#VoteVaughn Boat Rally at Cable Junction this weekend. Everyone will have a wonderful time! 🚣‍♀️ ⛵️ 🛳

#AmityElection #Vaughn2020

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@MayorLVaughn Bet it was just a couple kids with a fake fin. Hang ‘em up by their Buster Browns! #VAUGHN2020

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@MayorLVaughn Mayor Vaughn always has Amity's best interests in mind. #Vaughn2020

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@MayorLVaughn In 1975, so-called 'Jaws' was released, which was 45 years ago. @MayorLVaughn, what year did you begin your service to Amity, NY? And, how many yrs was each term of office? #AmityMeansFriendship #Vaughn2020

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dear @MLB -

have a fabulous
(and safe)
(and most brilliantly earned)



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If summer dollars keep rolling in at this rate I don’t see any type of circumstance that would prevent a successful re-election bid! #BeachesOpen #AmityMeansFriendship #Vaughn2020

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@_Hallospaceboy_ @MikeVanderbilt Haha. What the hell, that original tweet appeared in my timeline today. Anyhow #Vaughn2020

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Out prospecting & picked up a GameCube for $35. Had to get the accessories out of my personal #RetroGold collection. Love the game play. Sharpening up so I can challenge #Vaughn2020 vs. #MrTransistor... Twitch???

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I'm only trying to say that Amity is a summer town. We NEED summer dollars. If the people can't swim here, they'll be glad to swim at the beaches of Cape Cod, Hamptons, Long Island.

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If I were president Dr Fauci would have been replaced with Amity’s medical examiner in March. By now the reports would be amended and this whole situation would be under control! #BeachesOpen #Vaughn2020

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Damn straight I’m Dr. F!

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@thesulk Plus, that suit with the little anchor pattern looks better than everything from the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection. #Vaughn2020

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@MayorLVaughn We can celebrate with a midnight swim! #Vaughn2020

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I’m certain to win the young vote in November after siding with the 18-23 year old bathers who are exercising their right to enjoy themselves at the beach. #Vaughn2020

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#SuperTuesday is tomorrow, Don’t forget to vote in the Amity Mayoral Primary! #Vaughn2020

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@Master_Vaughn You’ll always be my god

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