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I think that beef is just a four letter word like love except beef can’t get you killed🪐

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How well are @Activision's values and principles reflected in its management of #Warzone? A #thread.

The playerbase have regularly voiced their unhappiness with various elements of Warzone - are the players justified to expect more from Activision?


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Ontem assisti no #TelecineCult Um Príncipe em Nova York. E não lembrava de algumas coisas. Vale uma #Thread #comingtoamerica
Tem no @telecine e na @NetflixBrasil

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Voici notre histoire que j'ai vécu il n'y a pas si longtemps dans mon appartement. #threadhorror #horror #peur #horrorthread #Thread

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Disclaimer: I don't have a right to the video and the background song, all the rights belongs to the owner of the song and clips.

Moral of the story is : Just Do it ✓.
I hope this bless your hearts and ears.

P.S: I am a voice over talent.


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Wow. This a LONG #thread but it shows seemingly every arrest of the crazy assholes who stormed the Capitol in the name of Trump

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We’ve all been there. You’ve set a goal, and after a few weeks into your new routine, the shine has started to wear off. It’s getting a little harder to climb that hill.


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Well, with the annoyance in me, I flung my phone but then again, if I don't do it again, how will anyone see it. I just had to calm down and then did the production again and voila! I did it.
What you are about to hear is me speaking the same script in different...


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from my #thread on mortality & demographics in #France
black line = yearly total deaths (2020 previsional & incomplete)
green & yellow = % of people above 60 & 75 respectively
correlation b/w deaths and these 2 % since 2006 = 94% & 91% respectively

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..."File no longer exists". 😩😩
Ehn,😧... I was like no no no no.
Omo, it was yes yes yes o; because I moved the video from where it was to a new space (which I do not have a right to), the video could not save; and by now it was already past 8.


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So, I went to create space, little did I know I was about to cause "kasala"(problem).
I moved things from my S.D card to phone storage (was surprised I even had space, my phone gives me issues with space every time).
I went back to save now and I just saw...


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#thread of practical advice for product shippers

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I was bitten by Mosquitoes so much and it made me tired to even put the voices together. Well I summoned strength and went to my Inshot app to create this.
I finished creating and it was time to save, Omo, phone said no space o. I was like ooohhh God.


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Great #thread highlighting the challenges this UK importer has faced following #Brexit . It’s quite harrowing, but I’m not entirely surprised. We were promised a better world. This is not. #BrexitReality #BrexitShambles

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our instagram fam voted & we listenedddd. here’s something little to appreciate you guys
please rt

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I am ceased. 🤣😭 #thread

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4. c'est encore plus visible avec les décès annuels
par ailleurs, la corrélation entre ces décès et les % de +60 ans et +75 ans sont respectivement
47% et 33% sur toute la période (depuis 1946)
94% et 91% depuis 2006

#Covid_19 #covid19france

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#You #have #got #Goosebumps #yet?

I woke up as early as 6 thereabout to urinate, and I remember I had a piece I wanted to create, so I wrote out how to go about it and voiced the different characters.

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#series #threadstorytime #threadseries #threads #thread #freakythreads #freaky #storytime #newseries #storytimethreads
••••Season 2••••
••••episode 1••••

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Retour sur mortalité et démographie en #France métropolitaine

1. données INED disponibles 1962-2018 sur décès /1000 par classe d'âge atteint dans l'année
ca se tasse depuis environ 2010
Courbe "tous âges" remonte lentement depuis

#thread #Covid_19 #covid19france

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#Thread ஶ்ரீவித்யா😍😍😍😍 கண்ணழகி + இயல்பான நடிப்பு.. such a beautiful actor... ஒரு பழைய ப்ளாக் & ஒயிட் படம், பேர் தெரில, பாடகி, கமல் காதலிப்பார்...
மேடையில அவங்க உட்காந்து பாடுவாங்க, செம அழகு.. பாட்டு கூட ஃபேமஸான பாட்டு தான் ஞாபகம் வரமாட்டேங்குது, கண்ணுக்குள்ளயே இருக்கு 😍

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This is a #thread on "Al-Tibb al-Nabawi (Prophetic #Medicine)" by Ibn al-Qayyim (d. 750/1350). After a new round of reading this work, I got the idea of tweeting on "Key Works" related to #Bioethics. I will try to present an English version in a new thread.

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1. There is no electricity bill in Libya, electricity is free for all its citizens.
2. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens are at a 0% interest by law.

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#thread about this book, extracts from it: #JamesBaldwin The Last Interview (2014).

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Et si on parlait du programme politique des Témoins de #Jéhovah ?
C'est un programme fictif, une croyance religieuse, mais pour eux il est bel et bien réel. Il a été construit progressivement par les membres qui se sont succédés à la tête de cette organisation.

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#Thread ..The trick about #privacy policies of free applications is the ability of the provider to change them at any time without regulation . You can argue that your the ability to reject and leave the application , but that in itself presents several challenges ...

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The COVID rescue package announced by @JoeBiden doesn't contain money for home and community based services that disabled folks need, services stretched to the breaking point by the pandemic.

@Transition46 should fix this.

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@SavvyRinu " Here are three tips I share with my clients to help make the intentional move toward choosing to be happy.

1. Focus on what works before you focus on what doesn’t work. Take a moment to notice five things that are going right. You’ll likely notice your brain...

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ஸ்ரீவித்யா - தென்னிந்திய திரையுலகம் கொண்டாடத் தவறிய பெரும் பேரழகி. பல இரவுகள் யோசித்திருக்கிறேன் இப்படி ஒரு ஹீரோயின் மெட்டீரியல் எப்படி குணச்சித்திர வேடங்களில் மட்டும் பிக்ஸ் ஆனார் என்று. ஒரு நடிகையின் கண்களுக்கு அடிமையென்றால் நம் மனது நேரடியாக சில்கை நினைக்கும்.ஆனால் அதைவிட

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1/ I’m not one for ‘told ya so’s but in 1989 when David Duke won the state House seat in Louisiana, some of us said this was an inflection point in American politics. This wasn’t just the logical result of Reaganesque racial dog whistling. It was something different (a thread)...

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1. OMG! Just finding out now, via @TiffanyDCross (love her show, THIS is why diversity MATTERS BTW) that there was a 538 analyst @farai whose work on demos & voting was intentionally surpressed by Nate Silver who patronized her when she confronted him for

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10/ Ask yourselves: have you heard even *one* Republican official or member of MAGA media express regret for pushing the Big Lie? Acknowledge how injecting this toxicity into the bloodstream of our body politics was a bad decision?

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أحاول في عدد من التغريدات استعراض بعض " #جواهر" المؤلفات ذات الصلة بمجال الأخلاق الطبية. أبدأ بكتاب أعدت تصفحه مؤخرا، وهداني هذا التصفح الجديد إلى هذه الفكرة:
* "الطب النبوي" للإمام ا بن القيم (ت. 751 هـ)، من أهم ما كتب في العلاقة بين #السنة و# الطب. وأحاول إبراز أهميته في نقاط:

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Wir lesen heute viel über 17 Prozent Verdachtsfälle der B117-Mutation in Wien. Ich will versuchen, ein bisschen Hintergründe zu zeigen. Gleich vorab: Es ist alles nicht so einfach. Alles nicht so eindeutig. Aber der Reihe nach.
#CoronavirusAT #wien

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In every area where this country is wounded there are people of extraordinary expertise who know how to heal it. But in the vast majority of cases those people & projects are underresourced & underfunded. We can’t heal our country if our bottom line goal remains corporate profits

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Over the past 15 days I have not only been running my company as normal but I have been faced with largest threat to its future since it began in 1992. This is #Brexit & here is my thread on just how bad things are getting. 1/26

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If this ain’t my fave trend rn 😭😭😭😭

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I'm sure someone else has explained this, but it is just so cool and I want to explain how this works.

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people like Bison Man, T-Shirt Nazi & Lt Col Livestream are some of the more visible faces of all this

but as someone there all day

the crazed conspiracy nuts & vast bulk of obvious rioters were not the most insidious threat

there were organized teams of individuals

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ARRESTED: Richard Barnett, 60, of Gravette, Arkansas was arrested today in Bentonville, Arkansas on multiple criminal charges related to unlawful activities at the Capitol where he was photographed with his feet up on a desk in the @SpeakerPelosi's office. #DCTerrorists

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Y'all, get your shipping processes down. This is for those who handle shipping themselves. If the info doesn't apply, move around. [A Thread]

1. Stop packing on the floor. Get a table. Everything you need to pull should be within arm's reach. Stand up and pack.

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