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Ah yes. Gonna stay up late at night once again bc I live ✨ in a different time zone ✨


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Lawd they're going to hit us hard SOON I can feel it in my bones, y'all... and we ain't ready. Messy 3am sketches ftw! #TALESFROMTHESMPfanart #talesfromthesmp #karljacobsfanart #ranboofanart #ranboo #karljacobs

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i redrew it bc why not
#karljacobs #karljacobsfanart #TALESFROMTHESMP #TALESFROMTHESMPfanart also hello honktwt i guess- :)

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TotSMP-Technoblade (Sheriff Sherman Thompson)🤠🐷
#TALESFROMTHESMP #TALESFROMTHESMPfanart #technoblade #technobladefanart

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Sometimes I randomly think about Corpse’s duel scene from the Wild West episode of #talesfromthesmp and I laugh out loud every time

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Okay so I came up with an idea for and episode of #TALESFROMTHESMP basically it’s set in some sort of ruins site (think desert or jungle temple or like crypts) and the cast is a tour group and they end up getting stuck and have to try and escape.

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Since the next #TALESFROMTHESMP is set in the future, if there's no Techno descendant can we agree that he just got no bitches which is why he didn't have a room in the Mizu Tales

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i cannot wait for every #TALESFROMTHESMP and while i typically don't watch it live it is always the highlight of my week/month/whatever. @honkkarl is one of the hardest working not only on the dreamsmp but on all of twitch and i can only dream of being as good as him one day.

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ahhh this tales ep is gonna be super cool :) the theme is “haunted house” so it’ll probably be scary n dark but with jokes in between which in my opinion is always so fun! i wonder how long it took to plan, it seems like it’s been in the works for ages @honkkarl #TALESFROMTHESMP

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WHAT THE HONK i am SO hyped!!!!

i can’t wait to see the lineup and the plot too!!! ahhh i wonder how much better than the last one it can even get :D #TALESFROMTHESMP

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#TALESFROMTHESMP is my FAVORITE thing going on in the smp lore rn. Every episode gets better and better, the lore is so masterfully crafted, Karl and his team put so much work into every aspect of it and it's so obvious. I'm so excited for the next episode and every one after <3

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smol karl i did while watching today's stream

#karljacobsfanart #talesfromthesmp #TALESFROMTHESMPfanart

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I don't watch tv, I watch @KarlJacobs_ Tales from the SMP 😌 #TALESFROMTHESMP

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The minute one of the #TALESFROMTHESMP episodes includes Philza is the minute I start irl screaming. (With Philza being canonically centuries old he might play the same character...)

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Tales From the SMP :o

the biggest build for an episode yet (not even close)
the coolest story yet
the most ties to main lore yet
the most !dsmp Karl lore yet

see u guys soon :]

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Can there be a tales from the dsmp based in teen beach movie (I know there was a beach episode but like bikers) #TALESFROMTHESMP

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A drabble on Philza Minecraft in a Tales from the smp episode

Please rt, maybe tag our good friend @KarlJacobs_ / @honkkarl ? <33

#mcyt #TALESFROMTHESMP #dreamsmp #karljacobs #philzaminecraft

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AYOO new tales episode soon i’m sooo excited AHHH i honestly don’t know how it’s supposed to get better tbh but i’m still rly hyped to see the haunted house theme and all the other amazing things the tales crew worked on for this one :D #TALESFROMTHESMP

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@KarlJacobs_ Fanart w/ the iconic frog hoodie 🐸🤍 •••••••• #karljacobsfanart #ArtistOnTwitter #karljacobs #dreamsmpfanart #dreamsmp #TALESFROMTHESMP #froghoodie #digitalart

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@honkkarl #TALESFROMTHESMP will the maps from tales ever be available for download?

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#talesfromthesmp music episode perhaps? 🤨

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I’d love for there to be some type of superhero or dystopian society type of thing.
#TALESFROMTHESMP #talesofthesmp

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Karl’s sleeve colors on minecraft skin are switched???

#dreamsmp #talesofthesmp #TALESFROMTHESMP

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If there isn't some big timefuck episode of #TALESFROMTHESMP where Karl fucks up the entire timeline by accident then what even was the point of any of this

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#TALESFROMTHESMP #dreamsmp #quackity #sapnap #badboyhalo #ranboo #karljacobs

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look its him its him its ranbob
he has the merch

{ #ranbobfanart #TALESFROMTHESMP #TalesFromTheSMPArt #dreamsmpfanart #dsmp #mcytfanart }

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Making Tales from the SMP theories!!! #TALESFROMTHESMP #talesofthesmp

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I was thinking for a moment "Karl hasn't really changed anything in these timelines he's been to, he's just died."
But then I thought what if someone was always meant to die in those timelines.
And Karl inserted himself in there, saving one life at a time #talesfromthesmp

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