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In this @BleacherReportpiece by @Ballentine_Alex, he lists three free agent players that the #Steelers should consider signing this offseason. One name will be a very familiar one.

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@SteelerGangWest I sure hope he retires. Almost 80% of fans do too. The first time he blasts shit all over the field next year, the boos will start. It will get ugly. #Steelers

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Coming up...'Starkey's Card of the week" and we talk #Steelers and Matt Canada with @BrianBatko #CookorJoe Show @937theFan

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Cada uno con un gran peso histórico en la franquicia, sin duda leyendas en #Steelers🟡.

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#OTD in 1970, the #Pittsburgh #Steelers draft Louisiana Tech QB first overall. He would become a 4 time #SuperBowl Champion 2 time Super Bowl #MVP and Hall of Famer. #HereWeGo #NFL #NFLTwitter

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I'm very happy that Bud Dupree is doing well from a health perspective as this gives him a headstart in a marketplace that is going to be much tighter. Don't expect him back with the #Steelers in 2021 but wishing him all the best in the remainder of his recovery and free agency.

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2021 #NFL Draft Player Profiles: Northwestern OT Rashawn Slater #Steelers #HereWeGo

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#Steelers OLB Bud Dupree Ahead Of Schedule With Rehab, Expects To Be Ready For Camp #NFL #HereWeGo

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15 years ago (1/27/06): #Steelers remind Dan Rooney of '74 champs. #HereWeGo

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Steelers future? Yes it is. Yinz don’t realize it too. Love to stay in the present. We just got eliminated by the Browns at home in a Wild-Card game. 😂 #Steelers

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@RenegadeBlitz It’s going to be long and torturous.

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Bud Dupree is ahead of schedule with his rehab and plans on being ready to play in Training Camp. #Steelers

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It’s fun to watch Diontae Johnson get better every year. Think 2021 is going to be huge for him. #Steelers

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Listen to "NEW Covid Strands To MURDER TWICE AS AMERICANS! Japan, Mexico. UK, Brazil. South Africa!" by Grandpa Jim. ⚓ #nascar #tigers #maryland #wv #vcu #reds #columbus #victory #truck #u #steelers #titans #trump

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For three straight seasons, veteran cornerback Joe Haden has led the #Steelers defense in passes defended. In 2020, Haden registered 12 passes defended. #SteelersStats #SteelersNation #NFL #HereWeGo

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@AdamSchefter I'd love seeing #4 as QB1 in the Burgh for the next decade #Steelers

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.@MarkMaddenX: Where would #Steelers be had Bruce Arians not ‘retired’?

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Man if Najee is still around at 24, the #Steelers should break their toe running the card up. That said, no chance he’s still there.

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I had a dream that Ben Roethlisberger retired... 👀 #Steelers

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Gerry Dulac's #Steelers chat: 01.27.21

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More REALLY BAD info here. Like the Steelers will be in position to hand out one-year, $4M deals this offseason? lololol #Steelers

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Early Free-Agent Contracts the Steelers Must Consider #Steelers

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Do you think the #Steelers should have tried to get Tom Brady last year?

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Buy Or Sell: A Rookie OL Will Start Season Opener #Steelers #NFL #HereWeGo

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Lions Fielding "Significant" Trade Interest For Matthew Stafford

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Mark Madden: Where would #Steelers be had Bruce Arians not ‘retired’?

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Early Free-Agent Contracts the Steelers Must Consider. #Steelers

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I don't believe the #Steelers take a RB day one as they haven't since 2008 and depth, but Kevin Colbert has done a few twangs of late and Najee Harris does fit what they would look for in a back. That being said, that will depend upon OL in FA and whether he is still there at 24.

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Check out our full report on all of the running backs attending the @seniorbowl!

That includes Najee Harris, and Trey Sermon who could be potential #Steelers selections.

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Mood waiting for the Steelers to start looking toward their future. 😂 #Steelers

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Why #Steelers fans shouldn’t read into these offseason stories, and I answer ALL your questions in the mailbag segment!! All on the latest “Let’s Ride” podcast. Listen below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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More Bud Dupree on rehab: "I'm on track. And I'm going to be ready for camp. It's a blessing to take the small things from a big injury like there was, and just know that I'm still able to perform next season." #Steelers

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Yinz don’t realize how tough the 2021 schedule is going to be. That’s why we keep saying to stop kicking the can down the road. Look toward the future. #Steelers

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Bud Dupree on knee rehab: "I'm feeling great right now. I'm ahead of schedule in rehab. It's a great thing as always, it's a blessing." #Steelers

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The only other teams who could potentially play ball would need to give up three straight first rounders, a 2nd this year at least and at least 1 blue chip player. Now take the #Steelers, let's play theory, TJ Watt? Why would Texans do it? He has to be paid next year.

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Make sure you check out our @seniorbowl coverage with @realjohnwalker @CJLester58 and @Matt_Papiernik

#Steelers #SteelerNation

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@Alexx_Da_GREAT @RenegadeBlitz Not this year. We aren’t making it to .500

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Steelers should really take a step back this season and evaluate where they’re heading. 2021 is going to be a tough schedule. #Steelers

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There are some days that really stick out in #Steelers history, and this is one of them.

On this day, Chuck Noll was hired as the coach and Art Rooney Sr. was born in 1901. In addition to that, Terry Bradshaw and Mel Blount were drafted as well.


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Najee Harris looks NFL ready 😤

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