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You mean to tell me we actually had more Votes than registered voters...How? #somethingaintright #recount #Election2020 #startover

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@sanosbo1 @mmpadellan That's what I believe as well! My cries for a freakin #recount were unheard under the TON of trump election BS

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I believe Wisconsin is going to dispute the loss in Green Bay. #Recount #TouchdownFraud

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I just want to make sure EVERY LEGAL POINT is counted. The game ain't over!!! #BillsMafia I guess we'll see you in Tampa because If you don't count the 2nd quarter on we clearly won. #recount - I'm hearing @cbs didn't air 3 Bills touchdowns - a lot of people are saying it.

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Huh funny, there didn’t seem to be anyone complaining in #WV about the #VotingMachines: a complete #WVGOP victory-again! I demand a #recount.

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Isn't this what President #Trump said months before #election2020? Isn't that why we now have a thief in the #WhiteHouse? Yes. WE NEED A RECOUNT! An imposter is ruining #America & the government is letting him! #mailinvoting #Amazon #truth #recount @cnn #cnn @cnnbrk @msnbc #msnbc

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@Iamacant @mowgli1977z @Zippy11Ms I didn’t want to take 2nd away from you but I demand a #Recount 🤣

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We’ll find out, Biden is just biding. Isn’t it funny the machines where @GOP won got ZERO scrutiny?

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I think we need a #recount that number must be much higher.

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Trump made 30,573 false or misleading claims as president. Nearly half came in his final year.

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@laurenboebert Exact same argument when min wage went from $3.75 to $5.00. Doesn’t happen! #TryAgain Maybe a GED would have helped you with this issue—and every issue! .@GJCity .@VisitRifle You sure deserve better representation than this!! #Recount

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I think Biden will cause such a big mess that even the Biden voters will SCREAM for a recount after a while 🤭🙈

#trump #maga #whitehouse #mess #recount #electionfraud

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I stand for President Trump.

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@ronaldjhansen @kelliwardaz @SurgeArellano Question: How were the ballots counted?
Were they mailed in? Counted over days?
All things to consider. #recount

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Jeff Bezos and Amazon do not want their workers voting by mail on unionization.

Amazon says mail-in voting wouldn't be "valid or fair."

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@darrenrovell @Topps Maybe the #recount crowd were half right

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Somebody check the dumpster behind @triplej - I reckon I'll find the missing 11,780 votes for Tame Impala #ElectionFraud #Recount #StopTheSteal

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Two observations on this poll of "sexiest instrument" to play:

(1) to defeat saxophone, guitar must have benefited from some mail-in ballot irregularities #recount

(2) flute making the list at all is due to the Ron Burgundy effect #aqualung

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TRUE “story” AND a USELESS one to #recount.

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@nickthesurfer They'd call it #recount

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@QClifeWBTV @jsrontv (And the way I figure, the other guys won 2, we won 1. I will *gladly* settle for 33% of those folks’ sales any day of the friggin’ WEEK 🤑🧀🤑)
#math #wewon #kinda #recount

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Polye Decries Court Process via @YouTube

#KandepOpen #Recount #Polye

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@the_sneakdiss Should’ve been at least one of the Air Zoom Generation TO ME, but what do I know tho. I graduated in 2002, and followed his hs career without IG 😑😒😣😖🥴 #NotMyLeBronPE #Recount

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@LindseyGrahamSC I want a #recount. Lady G could not have won.

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@LeaderMcConnell We need a #recount. I don't believe you won reelection.

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@mmpadellan We should have had a #recount

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I #concede nothing! I demand a #recount. This Powerball drawing is far from over.

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A single ticket sold in Maryland matched all six numbers of the $731.1 million Powerball lottery, the fourth-largest jackpot in Powerball history

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I demand a #recount! #StopTheSteal 😏

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NEW: Powerball ticket sold in Maryland wins $731 million jackpot.

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Threats of #reprogramming #retaliation for Trump voters is missing one key element:
How can a Trump voter be identified if no #recount could be fulfilled because ballots were unavailable? So it's all REPUBLICANs, including #LincolnProject peeps who did not vote for Trump? ROFLOL

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@BradleyGelber I don’t know who votes in New Mexico but I have more fellow Bills fans in my neighborhood than any other team... 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ #recount

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Joe Biden is not my President. Legally not my President

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Florida not using Broward County's recount tally because it uploaded results 2 minutes late #florida #recount #democracy #vote #browardcounty

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@_JasonWallace You right it don't equal dollars, but we know Trump won in that department too. But, it does equal fans. And with fa support comes votes. #Recount 😅

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