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“Science exists outside of us…” - @BillNye

We’re not going to lie...this week’s episode of #OTHERtone still has us amazed at just how much science can change how we view our lives, the world and the work we have to do.

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Don’t worry...running back the new episode of #OTHERtone, w/ one of our culture’s dopest unicorns @BillNye, is necessary & encouraged.

After listening, reply and tell us what your theory is on where time goes.

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Ah yes, I just woke up skksskks // @Pharrell @HitMyBeeper @brokemogul @OTHERtone #OTHERtone

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Me every Monday morning. // @OTHERtone @brokemogul @HitMyBeeper @Pharrell #OTHERtone

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Powerhouse line-up of #podcasters kicking off #digitalhollywood today @sarahvm @kpdoyle1 @hernanlopez and others, some who have been, ah, recently acquired and some newcomers like #Othertone!

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#OTHERTone gotta be the best podcast out there. Thank you @Pharrell 🙏🏽

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Who else had their 🤯 on the new #OTHERtone episode? After our chat with @tristanharris_ and #JaronLanier...we’re definitely thinking twice about everything we do on social media. @SocialDilemma_

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“When you realize how it really works... you stop buying vehicles to drive and start creating vehicles to drive you.”

- @Pharrell x @OTHERtone #OTHERTone

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“Find something that drives you so that you can be driven” - @Pharrell @OTHERtone @brokemogul @fyKAWS @virgilabloh #PhantomDreams #RollsRoycePhantom #pharrell #pharrellwilliams @OtherzPodcast #othertone #kaws #virgilabloh #louisvuitton

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There are very few singers as eloquent as @Pharrell - the othertone show is really good. @brokemogul not bad either 🤣 #othertone

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The latest episode of #OTHERtone is filled with 💎! Did you catch a few?

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“I wake up. Let the ideas hit and I rarely tell myself no.”

- @virgilabloh #OTHERTone

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“I’m on it when I’m on it, then I’m onto something else...”

- @Pharrell #OTHERtone

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#Othertone: @Pharrell , @fyKAWS & @VirgilAbloh Discuss Fashion & Culture On ‘@OTHERTone’ Podcast


📸 Nike

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🙏🏽 Thanks for being on the ride with us! 🙏🏽 #OTHERtone

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We appreciate the ❤️! 🙏🏽 #OTHERtone

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Check out @OTHERtone’s first 2021 podcast episode featuring @virgilabloh and @fyKAWS

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If you were searching for a sign to get inspired today, consider this new #OTHERtone episode, that.

For @virgilabloh legacy means leaving a paved path for younger generations of Black designers. How are you leaving legacy?

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S/O to @Pharrell, @HitMyBeeper and company for having @virgilabloh and #KAWS on the @OTHERtone podcast for this latest episode that is filled with 💎 I am from the Hampton Roads area and ever since I was a kid I have marveled at what Pharrell and company have done for the 757.

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New year, same dope #OTHERtone. We’re bringing the first show of 2021 in with the artistic legends and leaders @virgilabloh and #kaws!

Trust us...if your Monday needs some inspiration, you’re going to want to subscribe and catch it first!

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I just got my data back sksksks go listen to iiiit 🥺❤️ #OTHERtone @Pharrell @brokemogul @HitMyBeeper @OTHERtone

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Much ❤️ to @Stitcher for naming #OTHERtone as a podcast pick of the week! 🙏🏽

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Appreciate that, Castro! It was dope texting with you today, too! 😂

#OTHERtone fans: Text us via the number in our bio to tell us what you thought of the latest episode!

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@OTHERtone Just heard the Rosalia episode and it hit me just as hard as the drinkschamp episode. You got a listener , I gotta keep listening y’all got inspirational content.

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What happens when the most hilarious #OTHERtone episode to date drops?

Hint: The answer involves @ericandre, #HarmonyKorine, @Pharrell, @brokemogul, @HitMyBeeper and a pair of limited-edition Air Plymouth Rocks. 🤣😂

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@Pharrell @OTHERtone King your laugh sends me 😂🤣 this def thee funniest @OTHERtone episode so far, from start til the end 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 thanks for the words of the day: Clairaudient & clairsentient😌 #OTHERtone tone! tone!

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actually its @Pharrell who said he parks them in the garage with the rest of the cars when @HitMyBeeper asked if he stores them under the bed🤭😭 this whole episode is killing me, I cannot!💀 #Othertone

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Pilgrim shoes, WoodForce 1s, Two Rights/Lefts, Plymouth Rocks, Horse hoof, Leather Ukuleles, ChewBaccas. Pinata full of Dog Food, Botched circumcision🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 wtf guys 😭🤣🤣🤣 @OTHERtone #Othertone

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🔥🔥🔥The Air Plymouth Rocks episode 💀@OTHERtone thee funniest episode so far🙌🏾y'all are mean af. Fam-Lay asking if he stores 'em in a garage🤣😭no way these shoes aren't Scooby Doos 🥺 #Othertone tone! tone! You guys are the best team ever🙌🏾

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It’s not that Monday’s suck, it’s just you’re not subscribed to #OTHERtone...yet. New episode w/ @ericandre & #harmonykorine is LIVE. Be. Ready. To. Laugh. 🤣🤣🤣⁣

After you listen, come back and tell us what you think!⁣

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Don’t worry...you’ll understand right after you hear the new episode of #OTHERtone with @ericandre and #harmonykorine. 🤣🤣🤣 ⁣

Episode drops first thing Monday Morning. ⁣

Subscribe now to be the first to hear the hilarity unfold.

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“...You know it’s there when you feel it.

You don’t see heat, but you feel it.”

- @Pharrell x @OTHERtone #OTHERTone

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The @OTHERtone conversation with @anyataylorjoy is next level. #OtherTone

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“As humans, we’re so good at adapting but also forgetting the lessons that we’ve learned.”

- @anyataylorjoy x @OTHERtone #OTHERtone

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Anya Taylor-Joy: Deep Talks & Dreams
I'm so glad @brokemogul and OTHERtone is back :) @Pharrell @anyataylorjoy 👏🏾

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Did you catch @pharrell on @TheDailyShow last night, where he liked #OTHERtone to going to college in his guests universes?⁣

Things we're here for: THIS. ⁣

Watch the full episode here:

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The latest episode of #OTHERtone is here and @Pharrell, @brokemogul & @hitmybeeper chat with @anyataylorjoy about what inspires and moves her.⁣

After you finish listening, shoot us a reply to tell us what moves you!⁣

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What if y'all invite @DojaCat on your podcast 🥺❤️ @OTHERtone @Pharrell @HitMyBeeper @brokemogul #OTHERtone

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Who else has their alerts set to catch @Pharrell tonight on @TheDailyShow? 🖐🏽


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TONIGHT: @Pharrell is here to talk about helping entrepreneurs of color through Black Ambition, his podcast OTHERtone, and more!

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