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•Nuevo episodio• este es para recordar! La leyenda de Rodrigo Schlegel nace y gran partidazo contra New England el Domingo #orlandocity #teseguimos #MLSCupPlayoffs #mls #futbol #soccer #orlando #orlvnyc #rodrigoschlegel

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Pour parler des tirs au but d’ #ORLvNYC en #MLSCupPlayoffs, @EricVKing nous fait voyager à Brossard en #PLSQ pour une autre situation arbitrale rocambolesque. Mais à #CoupFranc on parle évidemment de ce qu’il s’est passé à Orlando, c’est incontournable !

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@OrlandoCitySC @OrlandoCitySC, your marketing/merchandising department is becoming legendary in its own right. 😃 Have you considered making a Baby Schlegel doll like Rose Lavelle’s doll? #ORLvNYC #MLSCupPlayoffs

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Whats going on Orlando City vs NCY penalty | MLS 2020?

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🎙️ The latest AFTN Soccer Show is out! We look at an exciting weekend of #MLSCupPlayoffs, including the #ORLvNYC penalty farce, hear from Thierry Henry and Luis Binks on #IMFC's loss and CCL wait, and look at the #MLS awards as #VWFC were overlooked again!

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Here's the latest episode #SoccerInTheCity @ApplePodcasts

We break down each facet of #NYCFC's loss #ORLvNYC #MLSCupPlayoffs #MLS

And we address sexual harassment charges as portrayed in story by @MLSist @TheAthleticSCCR

Subscribe, rate, feedback!

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@davisjsn & @EmilyTOlsen ok so I don't think attendance numbers for the #ORLvNYC match were published.

On 11/20 OC said on their site "Sells Out of Avialabe Tickets".

Exploria holds 25.5k. I ASSume 20% were allowed in, so that would be about 5.1k...but it felt like 10k 😂🤦‍♂️

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🎙️KAN FOOT CLUB Ep8 avec @_sydfw , @julsoccer , @henregge , @NiltonJorge & @sofianebenzaza
✍️ #IMFC vs #NERevs
🎞 #OPTAKANFC La 🚀 de Bou
🔥 Camacho 🌟 ?
🗣️Un bon match de #imfc ?
🌴 La folle séance de tirs au but #ORLvNYC
🧐 Couverture médiatique


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@jrdibart @BlueCityRadio @NYCFC @OrlandoCitySC this is basically me explaining to Hubbub when I returned home from the pub. (He still doesn't understand the offside rule so this was way too much for him) Props to that defense keeper though. He knew immediately he need to step in, and then he did his job well. #orlvnyc #nycfc

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Last night we recorded #SoccerInTheCity which will be published later today @ApplePodcasts @WFAN660

We break down every facet of #NYCFC's loss #ORLvNYC #MLSCupPlayoffs

And we address the sexual harassment charges as portrayed in a story by @MLSist @TheAthleticSCCR @MLS #MLS

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@AndrewMarchand Hoping it was the same refereeing crew as #ORLvNYC in the #MLSCupPlayoffs? 🤷🏼‍♂️

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🎙️The latest AFTN Soccer Show is out! We look at an exciting weekend of #MLSCupPlayoffs, including the #ORLvNYC penalty farce, hear from Thierry Henry and Luis Binks on #IMFC's loss and CCL wait, and look at the #MLS awards as #VWFC were overlooked again!

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My 7-year-old son is starting to make bracelets. He made me this gem. Appropriate and amazing, yes? #ORLvNYC @OrlandoCitySC

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Has there ever been an easier choice for Save of the Game?

@fairwindscu | #ORLvNYC

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Homegrown clutchness. @AlmightBenji for the 4⃣0⃣7⃣

@Rasmussen | #ORLvNYC

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#ORLvNYC 😐 MLS referees are joke

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g+ GameFlow: MLS Playoffs @OrlandoCitySC v @NYCFC on 11/21/2020. #OrlandoCity #NYCFC #ORLvNYC

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Down from Cloud 9, @OrlandoCitySC fans? Feet back on the ground? You can recap Saturday's amazing game on the #DefyingExpectations page, as the Lions truly did defy the imagination with their win: #LightItPurple #VamosOrlando #ORLvNYC #HustleAndHunger

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Just caught up on that @OrlandoCitySC vs @NYCFC penalty shootout - absolute madness! #ORLvNYC

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I hope #OrlandoCity wins their appeal of Pedro Gallese’s red card.

Bottom line is #NYCFC didn’t do what they need to do to win the match. We had chances, just could put them away.

#ORLvNYC #MLSCupPlayoffs

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Earlier today @SportingKC was asked can you top the #ORLvNYC shoot-out and Tim Melia responded hold my beer!
@TimbersFC & @FCDallas what’s your response? #PORvDAL #MLSCupPlayoffs #chaoscup

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@MattDoyle76 2019/20 or 20/21 rule ? #ORLvNYC

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That entire Portland sequence inside the 18 was so clean yet SO dirty.

Tactical goodness.


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Bonne nouvelle. L’arbitre en MLS fait défaut comme à l’habitude, mais cet erreur est inadmissible dans une ligue professionnelle. Ça donner tout un show, mais pour la ligue, ça parait mal quand un des assistants sort son téléphone pour montrer le règlement à l’arbitre. #ORLvNYC

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@TaylorTwellman So you just said that @mls referees called the #ORLvNYC absolutely correctly, by the book, got it right. If they did what you said, shouldn’t they be considered for upcoming playoff games? Why would they be disciplined by @mls ?

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I'm here to remind you that it was the AR who called the encroachment yesterday, not the VAR (although he did check the call). #MLSCupPlayoffs #ORLvNYC

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Hearing that the officiating crew from yesterday's #ORLvNYC spectacle won't be assigned anymore games this post-season. Fair! But there is an elephant in the room not being discussed. I reckon, most players in #MLS don't know more than 75%-80% of the Laws Of The Game.

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How many times can we rewatch the #SKCvSJ pk shootout in the time frame it takes to watch #ORLvNYC ?

4 or 5?

@mls is crazy sometimes.

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I’ve never witnessed PK shootouts like the two I saw in the MLS the last two days. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED

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Benching the entire officiating crew from #ORLvNYC after that embarrassing debacle was absolutely the right move. But, in the interest of league integrity, the same should be applied to tonight’s #SKCvSJ match. Regardless of how it ends. @PROreferees

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I am predicting that this #SKCvSJ will in fact not be as chaotic as the #ORLvNYC shootout. Hard to not take Tim Melia in a shootout. But my bracket says SJ and #MLSCupPlayoffs are ridiculous

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Yep we go OVER TIME 4 THE NEXT 30 MINUTES just like #ORLvNYC yesterday 1st round is gonna AWESOME!!!

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@MLS @Audi Ohhhhjhj no, here we go again, traumatized #ORLvNYC

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I follow this Hamburg newspaper's sports section to research HSV and St. Pauli in the 2.Bundesliga ... Did not expect an article about an MLS shootout to pop up today! #MLSCupPlayoffs #ORLvNYC #Papi

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Historisch: Elfmeterschießen dauert 23 Minuten: Falscher Torwart wird zum Helden

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Never tell our boys the odds. They don't care. #HustleAndHunger

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Due to popular demand here's the save that made @RodriSchlegel an @OrlandoCitySC legend! #LightItPurple #VamosOrlando

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