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Good Morning! Starting the day right with @sanmigcoffeeph 🥰💙

@bernardokath @min_bernardo @KCMBBulletin #KathToCart

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ay confirmed! nakaka fresh ang San Mig Crema

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The thing which inspires me to get up quickly is to have a sip of my favorite coffee na ngayon ay pina level up pa with San Mig Crema. I can say that coffee is the source of inspiration for me to do the things which I love to do every day.

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But first, SanMig Coffee before duty!☕️
All set for duty in Christmas Eve!♥️
From your modern day heroes,
Wishing you all a...
Hand washed 👐
Face Covered 😷
Warm-Hearted ☕️♥️
Happy Holidays! 🎄☃️
@sanmigcoffeeph @bernardokath @kcmbbulletin

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Having a cup of san mig white crema coffee while planning for tomorrow's dishes ❤️🌲
#LevelUpWithKathAndSanMigCrema @KCMBBulletin @bernardokath

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Kath beke nemen. @bernardokath pinaka favorite na instant coffee ko yung sanmig. 🥺🥰

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My wake up routine. Still in my sleepwear and planning the day with the rich nd sweet aroma of san mig crema @sanmigcoffeeph @bernardokath

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Pede na gumawa si kath ng Christmas tree gamit san mig coffee sa dami eh HAHAHAHA🥰 #LevelUpwithKathandSanMigCrema

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#LevelUpWithKathAndSanMigCrema and win a year's worth of crema products. What are you waiting for? Share your photos and don't forget to tag @bernardokath @sanmigcoffeeph

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Good evening love @bernardokath!Miss na miss na miss na nmin kau ng nobyo @imdanielpadilla mo💙💙💙👫😭😭😭

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@bernardokath @sanmigcoffeeph 🤍🤍🤍 faves!
KayhxSanMig ☕️

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@KCMBBulletin @sanmigcoffeeph Here's mine, will use this for our coffee jelly since I don't drink coffee. 😊


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One year worth of @sanmigcoffeeph? Why not? Share your photos with the hashtag #LevelUpWithKathAndSanMigCrema now! :)

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White Christmas in Manila? Why not! Level up your white coffee with San Mig Crema! 🤍 Share your photo enjoying White Christmas with Crema and use the official hashtag for a chance to win a year's worth of Crema products!


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“White Christmas in Manila? Why not! Level up your white coffee with San Mig Crema! 🤍”


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Ganda nya talaga. Yan na coffee namin since naging endorser ka nyan. Dati sa grocery dito 30pcs/pack lang available now my 10 pcs. na. I der4 conclude na mabili na sya.🤗🙏🙏🙏

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Taking a break with my favorite cup of white coffee. It's okay to hit pause and have a breather once in a while—for me, I enjoy it with Cremasarap na Level Up White Coffee, now available in supermarkets near you!


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Pusuan po natin! 💙


P.S. until now di ko pa nagagamit yung mug na kasama nung napanalunan ko! Heehehe

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