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@pjwickers @mickmolloy 🤦‍♂️ We will correct the record shortly. #FinsUp

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@JerseyFinFan Wish granted. Relieved and very content that the Bills didn’t make it to the SB... any Fins fans who say otherwise, we need to question their fealty #FinsUp

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@zombie_phin When he became available I so wanted Miami to go after him. Ross wasn’t ready yet to snag such a talented coach at that time. It’s ok cause I think we have a good one too at this time. #FinsUp

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Just when the Pats slip.. the Bills step. I’ve been a Josh Allen fan since he was drafted but next season... we ready #FinsUp

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#FinsUp @MiamiDolphins Miami is coming for that AFC East, AFC Championship...and WE will be NFL champs! Putting the AFC and NFL on notice! 🏆💪🏼🐬

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If U thought its 4 down territory U run it & pick up as many as def gives U. Opens up the playbook for 4th down. If U know the coach is kicking on 4th, U force a ball into the endzone. Aaron Rodgers is a fraud. Dont mention his name in the same sentence as Brady and I'm #FinsUp

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@CTWhale_NWHL Keep your heads up! 1-1. You’re right in the thick of things. #FinsUp

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@JaredBailey23 @_JD0122 @_TuaTime_ @jpizz67 @Tua How bout Staff or Rodger? I mean.. I wanna see them bring it. We here. We now. #finsup #PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT

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Bills had an unbelievable year:

🔘 First 12-win season since 1993
🔘 First AFC Championship appearance since 1994
🔘 AFC East title
🔘 13-3 record

Lots to be proud of in Buffalo 👏 @brgridiron

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@DolphinsTalk @ian693 I kno @Tua played better vs chiefs than jane allen did #finsup and i also kno jane allen was last in qbr his 1st 2 season🤷🏾‍♂️

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We want smoke next year, run it bacc @Chiefs #FinsUp

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@BretLaGasse67 @joeharrell7 It’s gotten me this far, so I’ll just keep spreading the live!!!!! #FinsUp

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Nice bounce back victory for the Dolphins tonight as we take down the Bears in Chicago 52-10. Great all around performance on both sides of the ball. We move to 13-2 and look to finish the season on a good note next week against the Bills. #TFARecap #FinsUp

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All is quiet in Orchard Park, all is quite quiet in BUFFALO, and boy is it ever QUIET on the BILLS social media. I’m assuming the Jill’s got spanked. #billsmafia #FinsUp

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@davehydesports Easily. I am sick of Brady. Go Chiefs! #FinsUp

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@Earlgentile64 @sgentile1964 Thanks for posting.... She looks great!!! Let her know she has people everywhere pulling for her #Finsup

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L oh L This guy ragging on @ian693 , who is one of the biggest Dolphins fans I know, for not rooting for TB12 on whatever team he’s on because it’s a FL team. That’s like asking an FSU fan to root for Tim Tebow 😂😂 #FinsUp

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Brady is a great athlete and has had a HOF worthy career but I won’t be rooting for him to have more success. 2/2 #FinsUp

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For people that don’t understand my disdain for the Bucs this year... TB12 & the Pats have been a thorn in the Dolphins side for 20 years. That isn’t going to change just because he’s no longer a Patriot. 1/2 #FinsUp

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Now i can celebrate that the Bills are out. #FinsUp

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Nope...you had your chance this year #FinsUp

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@vanwilder83 I like you just where you are!!! #FinsUp

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@joeharrell7 @ian693 Im pretty sure @ian693 will be there too repping the #FinsUp family so what’s your point?

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This is why the @MiamiDolphins Dolphins should draft Kyle Pitts instead of Chase or Smith. #FinsUp

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@ian693 And yet you say you’re a Floridian? Go back to ny or wherever you came from. The real news to Dolphin fans is Florida is going to the SB

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@LukeRussert #FinsUp 🐬🐬🐬. We’re coming for ya. The 90’s are back.

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So can we announce Dorsey as the new OC tomorrow? #FinsUp

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Thank you fans for a memorable year! #BILLSMAFIA . We have unfinished business so see you next season!

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I know who I’m rooting for in the Super Bowl!


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Bills Super Bowl window has officially closed. Dolphins up next.

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Travis Kelce adds another record to his list.

Kelce becomes the FIRST tight end in NFL history with 5 postseason games of 100+ Rec Yards.

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1 week left to vote for the #PFHOF21 Class!

Show your support for @MiamiDolphins legend Zach Thomas.

2021 Fan Vote:

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BTW....we need to clarify the true history.

Dolphins were actually the first team to play a Super Bowl in in home stadium....in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

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Still looking for an answer offensively, Miami looks for their fourth offensive coordinator in as many years.

@TheJamieBahamas explains who he believes should be the next OC on his new episode of Talking About Them Dolphins. ⤵️

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