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The Indic identity is not geographical; it is Civilizational. 'Indicness' comes with the practice of Indic culture. A non-practioneer's claim to the cultural identity will be hollow and empty. #HinduEcosystem #Hindus #Indians #culturecurrency #indic

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Ethereum the new vibe??? πŸ‘€ #culturecurrency

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How blissed are we to have this human, endure an institutionalised racist system (consistent attacking emotionally, psychologically, intellectually& spiritually) to bring us a brilliant reminder of ourselves? #taonga #human #culturecurrency #notforsale

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β–Ή Team updates
β–Ή @portugaltheman social token
β–Ή @MeekMill legendary #culturecurrency
β–Ή @joonian on the future of media
β–Ή @DIGITALAX_ introduces DASH
β–Ή .. more


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Why am I knowing bout #culturecurrency now I'm suppose to be among the 3 creator of SHIII like that y'all know #HopeOnTheStreet!

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@JoeBudden πŸ€“ I learned from #culturecurrency that bitcoin is a great savings tool meaning a long term investment. Don’t panic when it drops buy more if you can. ☺️

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@MeekMill #culturecurrency what is it about bruh and will I get a folllow back

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@MeekMill What’s this #culturecurrency all about? Do you mind telling?

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Diversity and Inclusion is a continuous growth opportunity. #diversity #leadership #culturecurrency

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@MeekMill how does it work? I'm Nigerian. #culturecurrency

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@can_ronn: @MeekMill the way you handling this room for you people is dope bro! Really appreciate you for having them break down the Bitcoin and Crypto system. #freegame #culturecurrency

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@MeekMill Didn't know you were out here in the market.
Let's get a trade in and bullshit!

Love the education, passion, and albums.
#culturecurrency #stocks #investinyourself @PennyboisStock $NIO

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@MeekMill #culturecurrency when is another room opening up ? I got my pen and pad ready

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... meek mill keeps me motivated ... #CultureCurrency

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If you can throw $3k in the strip club to see ass shake up a pole. You can throw $3k to a real estate firm to watch your assets & equity go up in your bank accounts! β€œPay me in equity, watch me reverse out of debt!”- BeyoncΓ© | Bonner Companies: A Real Estate Development Company

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@APompliano Listened to #culturecurrency and no #altcoins were discussed. Bitcoin isn’t the only or best way to make money on crypto.

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@MeekMill I can build you a house bigger than Drakes! Show Drake who is a black king of earth and who is a mix breed mullato!! Meek you can’t be out here letting muts like Drake outshine you. This is your earth! Show Drake who is the Original Gangsters of this earth 🌍 soil.

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Invest in my black business. I can grow your real estate portfolio from zero to πŸ’― real quick. I got a $10,000,000.00 budget. Let’s build up Philly low poverty neighborhoods with Bonner Companies. A black owned real estate development firm. You can use your drug/scam money IDC!!

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... | Finally it’s the Friday Eve before JAY-Z launches his IPO SPAC takeover of the North American Cannabis industry ... $SBVCF #LootWallStreet #LLCTwitter #BlackTwitter #BLM #CultureCurrency #ROCNATION

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#CultureCurrency Is The Group To Join On Club House If You Wanna Prosper I Learned A lot The Other Day About Bitcoin And More And I See @MeekMill Ain’t Fucking Off He On A Mission πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ Just Like Me

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Clubhouse was putting knowledge onto me about #culturecurrency

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@MeekMill gona be the front runner to lead the revolution for the culture #culturecurrency 4th industrial rev...

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@MeekMill Meek, I just listened to almost 4 hours conversations on hardwork, watching documentary instead of movies, building your city, bytecoin and some real life situations men. It's 4:07am here in Nigeria I just had to finish keep up. I feel blessed to follow you. #culturecurrency

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#culturecurrency bless me πŸ™ŒπŸΎ so I can help my ppl πŸ’―βœ¨πŸ™πŸΎ

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Been trying to get into #Clubhouse so I can listen to my favorite people @lukebelmar @MeekMill #culturecurrency #cryptocurrency

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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ don’t let #FOMO run your pockets. There is more to life than #bitcoin, #realestate and #stocks . @MeekMill should be telling yall to buy silver.. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

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Hashtag #culturecurrency to ask questions!

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