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Harry Winks comes clean over intent after spectacular long-range strike in Europa League


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I’m wearing my old @Saints1890 shirt that I wore for last years Grand Final, all day today as my lucky charm. I’m nervously excited already 😬It’s going to be tight but I’m predicting we’ll win by 6
#COYS #RedV #SLGrandFinal 🏉♥️

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Harry Winks' goal vs Ludogorets came from a distance of 53.7 yards - only two goals have been scored from further out in the Europa League since 2009-10. #THFC #COYS

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@RomansEmpire11 @ESPNFC And I hope Chelsea get stuffed by Spurs at the weekend #coys

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My last successful visit to the bridge 💙🤍💙🤍 FUCK THE SCUM, BRING ON SUNDAY. #COYS

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Jose's tribute to Diego Maradona 💙


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Heung-min Son | Player Analysis #coys

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@ajtracey Thank you for that gift ! #COYS 🔥

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Go check out my brand new video! ⚽️

- Man City
- Ludogorets
- Preview for Tottenham vs Chelsea

Follow the link and as always, COYS!
📲 #thfc #coys @SpursOfficial

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@pcaswell63 @seangdean Great day, hopefully the same result later! #COYS

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Great performance from @dele_official last night 😀 #COYS

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@THFCScottt Thought that one was better haha. You're welcome #COYS

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🙏 Tottenham Hotspur boss Jose Mourinho pays tribute to his close friend and legend of the game in Diego Maradona who sadly passed away this week:

🗣"In my big defeats he would always call me, in my victories never, I will miss Diego"


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A good luck message to the boys from some of our Saints fans! #COYS @Saints1890 @RedVeeDotNet @SkySports @ExecHTStMarys @KGrangeStMarys

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Humbled by the generosity of people during this difficult time #Movember
Only £113 off £1000🎯

Pls donate to support men from dying too young!!👇🏽

RTs welcome
@robertsimms @alexthfc_ @MrCracknell @LeeMcQueen @AnnieAreUOhK @globalcoys #coys #thfc

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It’s #SuperLeague ‘s Grand Final tonight between the games biggest rivals Saints and Wigan, even if your not a fan just watch it.. Top Evertonian James Graham is the Saints skipper and it’s his last game for the Red V.. it’s a guaranteed Belter #COYS #EFC

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Sending the best of luck to our friends at @Saints1890 in tonight’s @SuperLeague #GrandFinal against Wigan Warriors

We’ll all be cheering you on!

#SaintsAndPround #COYS

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The Spurs cricket video is mainly funny for the fact Reguilon obviously has no idea what's going on, but he's absolutely delighted to be there all the same

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Great game yesterday 👊

Been wondering, what is the tattoo at the back of your head?


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carlos vinicius. 2 great goals and an assist. #coys

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Good to see José Mourinho and the @SpursOfficial staff liking the Fans TRY OF THE SEASON.
With 68% of the vote
Matt Bradley v @cantrugby was the clear winner

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Winksy being honest 😅


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Dear Mr Levy,

As of yet,I still haven’t been offered my seat for the NLD ! Obviously this is just an oversight of yours. Please rectify asap or you’re coming off my Xmas card list!

Thanku x


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If Liverpool drop points at Brighton and we some how get a point or win at Chelsea we stay top for another week. We can do this #COYS

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#GrandFinal ready #COYS @Saints1890 😇🏉🏆

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Here are my Tottenham talking points, including Lo Celso's absence, the Spurs player inspiring Dele Alli, Carlos Vinicius, Harry Winks, the three young players making their debut and their potential, the big decision for Mourinho against Chelsea and more.

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After watching the @RedVeeDotNet preview at 11pm and THEN having to watch the previous derby at the TWS again, silly mistakes cost us thru lack of composure. Protect grace on kicks, far more pressure on their kick. Walmsley back. All of a sudden its a damn sight better💪🔵⚪️ #COYS

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リーグ最小失点のチームのセンターバックが脆弱らしい😂😂😂 #COYS #THFC

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Always the professional and a great performance by you and the team #COYS

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Berapa ⭐ untuk ketenangan di depan gol yang ditunjukkan oleh Carlos pagi tadi?


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Tottenham Hotspur paying tribute to the Diego. Honoured that the great man once used our wonderful shirt. On behalf of Diego family and friends, thank you Spurs. RIP Diego. COYS

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Who was your Man of the Match tonight? 👇

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Lenovo Legion x @PlayApex
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