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Democrates are back, war is back!!

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Am not liking the way #Biden has started his #politcs , he is standing with #Iran and #CHina , #Bombed #Syria now seems to #attack #Saudi which is under #MBS doing reforms

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The Committee to Protect Journalists is calling on the US and its allies to sanction #Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman in the wake of the #Khashoggi intel report via @CPJAmericas #mbs #Biden

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@GaetanoLoHace Pero eso no se nota porque #Biden simplemente no es #Trump. Me hace recordar el cuento del Burro y el Perro.

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Ben c'est ça le progrès en fait
Vous vous attendiez à quoi ?
Biden suce les islamistes. C'est un islamo-gauchiste.
#biden #trump

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Great job #Biden. Thanks to you Border Patrol needed hundreds of Canada’s patrol officers to go to southern coastal borders to assist fellow officers. Because of you America is attracting more immigrants that plan on hopping the border illegally because of your crap border laws.

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Maybe Biden bombed Syria so we could go to war with a different country, which would distract us from fighting from each other? Anyways where’s that stimulus check you guys were talking about? #Syria #Biden #bos #stimulus #america

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trump es un santo!!!!!!!

biden es el malo!!!!

#trump #biden #siria #eeuu

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No one can know exactly which way the political winds will blow come 2022 but giving voters money has long been a great way to keep one’s seat. Republicans shouldn't fear crossing the aisle to vote for #Biden's #CovidRelief plan. By @billscher in the Washington Monthly @monthly

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#Biden yönetimi, Istanbul'da Suudi Arabistan konsolosluk binasında öldürülen #JamalKhashoggi için aralarında eski istihbarat başkanı yardımcısının da olduğu 76 kişiye yaptırım uygulayacak.
#JamalKhashoggi'nin ölüm emrini verdiği iddia edilen

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@38NorthNK's recent working report analyzes how #Biden can engage in active diplomacy with #Pyongyang to achieve small gains that mitigate the security threat. Read more in @joshrogin's recent @washingtonpost article on #NorthKorea diplomacy:

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A ver cómo justifica el Vicepresidente de la #Agenda2030
globalista, los bombardeos de #Biden ante sus capitalistas iraníes que fueron quienes lo auparon para desestabilizar España.

Ay, qué caro te va a salir tu mansión de Galapagar, querido.
La otra ni cuenta...

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You'd think that dropping bombs on countries would create climate change, no? All that added pollution from jet fuel and the dust and stuff from when the bombs make contact? @AOC @POTUS @KamalaHarris what says you?


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@BlondJedi Das sind die neuen #Friedensbomben! Voller liebe von #Biden Kriegstreibern gebaut und abgeworfen!
bei #trump kam das nicht in frage!
Na? Immer noch froh uber den senilen kriegstreiber #biden?

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@SpecterNY Ich bin ganz Ihrer Meinung. #Biden & Co. sind nicht nur für die #USA eine Katastrophe bzw. gefährlich! #Trump hat UA alles für den Frieden im Nahen Osten getan. Bestes Bsp. VAE u Israel an einen Tisch! Wir gehen harten Zeiten entgegen...

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Le but de l'attaque en #Syrie est un message de #Biden pour insister sur la protection des Américains @WhiteHouse

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If true (& the entity kind of confirmed it), this shows how much #Trump's #sanctions have disrupted #China's #5G & other #telecommunications ambitions. Hopefully #Biden will keep them on: #Huawei #tech #telecoms

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These strikes raise two important questions: The first is why #Washington targeted Kata'ib Hezbollah sites in #Syria and not in #Iraq, while it is more logical to target their known bases in Iraq?3/12
#USA #Biden #Iran #PMU #IRGC #Israel

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Joe #Biden Tells the World “America Is Back” — Not That It Ever Really Went Anywhere | February 26th, 2021
By Roger D. Harris

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So no uproar about Syria bombings? Or do the libtards feel better in their safe space riding the bandwagon hating on Cruz for going to Cancun?
Imagine if this was a Republican president.

#Biden #cruising #peaceinthemiddleeast

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@blesamerika @IngrahamAngle @TuckerCarlson @seanhannity @RMConservative @MariaBartiromo @jsolomonReports @charliekirk11 @michellemalkin @MattWalshBlog @VDHanson @LouDobbs @andrewklavan @csthetruth @EpochTimes @JoshJPhilipp @BonginoReport @RealCandaceO @HawleyMO @SenRonJohnson @SenTomCotton @Jim_Jordan @RepMattGaetz @RepAndyBiggsAZ @replouiegohmert @GOPLeader @RandPaul @tedcruz @DevinNunes @SenMikeLee @RepMTG @RepDougCollins @MarshaBlackburn @SenTedCruz @chiproytx @NatlGovsAssoc @GregAbbott_TX @RonDeSantisFL @RepThomasMassie @RepJamesComer @RepJohnYarmuth @GovAbbott @KenPaxtonTX @DanPatrickTX @JohnCornyn @JudgeCarter @JoeBiden @SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats [email protected] ended President Trump’s `Safely Stay in Mexico’ while asylum claim processed, refuses to Secure our Border allowing gaps to go uncompleted. #Biden believes in DC Border Walls, so only explanation is that he’s getting Kickbacks from Child Sex Traffickers & Drug Cartels.

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This quote from an American official sums up #Biden's policy on #Saudi Arabia going forward: "The aim is recalibration, not a rupture"

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Trump was a horrible human being... but where is the outrage for Biden bombing Syria? Fucking Syria, there is literally nothing left to bomb. Disgusting. #syriabombing #biden #BidenBombs

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@Jim_Jordan That's exactly what the Biden COVID-19 stimulus plan is about

Keeping people employed and getting others back to work

Getting schools re-open

Getting people vaccinated

Rebuilding state and local communities


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#biden is a #fraud. And you all knew it.

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#Biden shuts down the dream of $50k in student loan debt forgiveness....and all the guys are saying “I told ya so” 🙄😂


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@blesamerika @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @jaketapper @chucktodd @andersoncooper @mitchellreports @JoeNBC @NicolleDWallace @morningmika @maddow @ErinBurnett @HardballChris @katiecouric @hodakotb @JoyVBehar @JudyWoodruff @amieparnes @billmaher @DailyMailUK @AOC @WhiteHouse @RashidaTlaib @RepAOC @CoriBush @IngrahamAngle @TuckerCarlson @seanhannity @MariaBartiromo @PeteHegseth @SandraSmithFox @ShannonBream @GovAbbott @JoaquinCastrotx @davidcicilline @RepDean @RepDianaDeGette @RepSwalwell @RaheemKassam @CBS_Herridge @RonDeSantisFL @SenTomCotton @HawleyMO @DHSgov @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats [email protected] ended President Trump’s `Safely Stay in Mexico’ while asylum claim processed, refuses to Secure our Border allowing gaps to go uncompleted. #Biden believes in DC Border Walls, so only explanation is that he’s getting Kickbacks from Child Sex Traffickers & Drug Cartels.

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U.S. Airstrikes in Syria Target Iran-Backed Militias That Rocketed American Troops in Iraq.

#syria #BombingBiden #biden #BidenBombs

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So is destabilising Saudi Arabia on the agenda? MbS has his quirks. He's done some nasty stuff (his predecessors did worse but the US didnt have any problem with that), but he has also tried to reform Saudi Arabia in ways unimaginable a few yrs back. Makes no sense to shaft him

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"The aim is recalibration, not a rupture, because of the important interests that we do share" with Saudi Arabia, the senior admin official said. U.S. officials and departments will continue to deal with MBS at the appropriate levels.

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US carries out airstrikes against Iranian back militia facilities in Syria

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biden admin so far
-deportations didn't halt for 100 days
-dhs still working w private prisons
-bombed syria to threaten iran
-new cages just dropped
-might drop $15 min wage
-still waiting on $2k checks ($1400 payment)

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“History shows that—surprise—giving away a lot of money is kind of popular.”

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Trump: accords de paix au Moyen-Orient
Biden: vient de bombarder la Syrie

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@JackPosobiec Biden likely left out of the loop as well...Obama, Jarret, and Rice calling the shots these days

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