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#BangTheCanSlowly #DrummingUpTheTremendous Sending any & all @orioles fans in #ldnont land luv & strength to get us through the tremendously tremendousness coverage & endless ply by ply to come @TaylorInLondon @coopincanada #mlb

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"You're starting to now see just how those connections to George could have a tremendous impact on the roster..."

@jonmorosi on how George Springer could help the #BlueJays attract other free agents w/ @ScottyMacThinks & @thehazelmae.

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Charlie Sheen knows what’s up!


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@charliesheen @PeteRose_14 #BangTheCanSlowly too damn slow🤨ppl need to grow a set and get over it⚾️⚾️Reds ball team & Pete were❤️ he was the man 😊👠👠. Mistake made; forgiven-put him in the HOF🤷‍♀️⚾️👠⚾️! WTH⚾️⚾️⚾️✌️

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lemme see if
i got this straight;

AJ Hinch
was just hired again,
(on the same day his
suspension expired)
and yet @PeteRose_14
is still banned for life...?



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Dear @RaysBaseball,
Thank you! You've done a great service for America's national pastime; one that Rob Manfred didn't/wouldn't/couldn't do.

Baseball fans across America

#AllIsRightInTheBaseballWorld #BangTheCanSlowly #Trashtros

@coachkentmurphy @BauerOutage

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Don't think Joe would agree #bangthecanslowly

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Dusty Baker says Jose Altuve and Joe Morgan are like two "Mighty Mouses.'' When the reporter didn't know who Mighty Mouse was, Baker said, "Look him up. He was a bad dude.''

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@fabinfayette The Astros data team are the developers. #onestepahead #bangthecanslowly

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@jtclark8 @Brink_29 @Yankees @Blakeking023 Understand dude. If not the Dodgers, I am all in on the Rays. How about this, #AnybodyButTheAstros #Cheaters #BangTheCanSlowly #BuzzMeIn

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@b3OC Agreed on all fronts. The Astros are the epitome of baseball evil. #BangTheCanSlowly #kerrywood #markprior @Cubs @astros

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@leftyswag27 @birbigs You must be an Astros fan. Sorry! #BangTheCanSlowly

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Let’s goooo! Get after it today @Twins

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I’ve got two #MNTwins homer hankys to give away.

RT to enter, must be following to win.

Will draw throughout today’s game.

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@MLB Jose Altuve is batting .163. #BangTheCanSlowly

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@astros Jose Altuve batting .178 #BangTheCanSlowly

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@BNightengale Sounds like dusty bullshit. Same thing they all said about #bangthecanslowly

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Well, the @Dodgers play the Trashtros in Houston tonight.
#BangTheCanSlowly #Cheaters

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This is what happens when you don't know what's coming. #BangTheCanSlowly #BuzzInYourAnswer #MLB #SpringIntoBaseball @ Angelino Heights

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I think it’s ironic how the MLB Players Association is more concerned with protecting the @HoustonAstrosRR than the larger group of players within their union! @Mike_Ferrin @Jim_Duquette @MLBNetworkRadio Power Alley. #BangTheCanSlowly #TrashStros #ManFraud

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Astros currently holding a press conference to further apologize for the high tech sign stealing scandal. Dusty Baker is a man of integrity and a great leader. I hope he knows what he’s taking on. #bangthecanslowly

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Well, maybe the Astros’ slogan will be #BangTheCanSlowly

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This year’s #Dodgers’ slogan: “It’s an LA thing.”


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@Mike_Ferrin regarding #bangthecanslowly this should be much more than a few draft picks. This was a deliberate circumvention of the rules and it had to have gone through the players, coaches, and front office. Someone had to sign off on the installation of the technology.

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