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@ProjectLincoln Senators will have to go on record saying they either support the country and constitution or they support the #MAGATerrorists who attempted to assassinate our elected officials and overthrow our government. There is no other choice. It’s either #AmericaOrTrump

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The Republican Party has once again chose trump over America. #Accountability #AmericaOrTrump

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@LeaderMcConnell You’re a coward lowlife spineless man for a minute I thought you were going to be a real man and grow some balls but you’re a spineless piece of shit #dcriots #AmericaOrTrump #AmericaFirst #GOPCowards #CapitolRiots shame on you and the rest of the GOP

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@JRehling This is no longer about impeaching a "former president".

He has already been impeached.

This is now about #ConsequencesForSedition and #ConsequencesforTrump


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55-45 vote against Rand Paul's motion that the impeachment is unconstitutional because Trump is no longer in office. Senate Minority Leader McConnell voted with Paul.

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Who’s watching the trial on c-span? And zId like to add @RandPaul & @tedcruz you are both disgusting just like Trump! #ImpeachAndConvict #RandPaul #ImpeachmentTrial #AmericaOrTrump

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Coward spineless Replubicans acting exactly as expected. #AmericaOrTrump #TraitorsSupportTraitorTrump

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I don’t want to hear a peep from @RandPaul about constitutional issues. #Hypocrites #AmericaOrTrump

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Oh fuck off Rand Paul

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@SarahLongwell25 @AccountableGOP Trump played these chumps like a violin then threw them under the bus to save his considerably large ass. The Senate has the best opportunity to see he doesn’t get away with gaslighting Americans, fomenting an insurrection & interfering with election results. #AmericaOrTrump

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As dozens of his supporters face charges in the deadly attack, Trump faces trial for inciting the mob with months of lies and a rally just before they stormed the Capitol.

Tell the Senate to vote to #ConvictTrump here:

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Will Republicans in the United States Senate allow trump to get away with his high crimes and misdemeanors for a second time? #Accountability #ConvictTrump #AmericaOrTrump #ImpeachAndConvict

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@NikkiHaley what a complete a total idiot you must be... What does he have on you that'd make you sink your own ship? Why does everyone think they can't win anything politically unless they Trump themselves? Great job, Moron. #AmericaOrTrump #SeditionHasConsequences

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Were the people who tried to censor Hitler evil or heroes?

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All these @GOP Senators just took their oaths of office to defend the Constitution and uphold the law. We are going to see how many are prepared to break those oaths. We are watching. #LincolnProject
#AmericaOrTrump #ChooseWisely

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@RandPaul You need to be investigated. Trump attack America

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@RepLisaMcClain @EdLaborGOP Yes, please help educate people that the election was not stolen. K? Thanks. #AmericaOrTrump #ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump

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@Jim_Jordan Gym, you’re a hot mess. By April 3, 2020 everyone was saying wear a mask, except Trump.

But hey, what would a #Seditionist know about #facts ???

#AmericaOrTrump #ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump

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@TulsiGabbard I think you need to switch parties dear, that’s a Trump #SeditionCaucus talking point, not an American one. #AmericaOrTrump

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@gop @GOPSenate @GOPLeader funny you cry about "going after a private citizen " because you don't have the balls to do what is right & #ConvictTrump #AmericaOrTrump
He will turn on you just like he did @VP45
@tedcruz @HawleyMO @mtgreenee
Stop lying!

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Great news. Way to go, @Google. May others pledge to do the same thing. #AmericaOrTrump #cuttiestoTrump

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@marcorubio @RepCawthorn admitted THERE WAS NO election fraud
Grow a pair & step up & BE HONEST WITH AMERICANS
@tedcruz @GOPLeader @RepMattGaetz @HawleyMO @mtgreenee @laurenboebert
@GOP @GOPSenate

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This will continue and expand if @SenateGOP decides that trump's sedition does not deserve a guilty vote. #AmericaOrTrump

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#Accountability #AmericaOrTrump #ByeByeTrump #ComplicitCorruptGOP #Congress #ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump #ConvictAndRemove #ConvictTrump #Corruption #CountryOverParty #CountryOverTrump #DumpTrump #GOP #impeach #impeachandconvict #BanTrumpSaveDemocracy #GOPCorruptionOverCountry

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Fauci, Trump "very likely" cost American lives by spreading lies about the pandemic He tried to come on Rachel Maddow’s show for months but was blocked by the Trump administration.MORE REASON TO NEVER LET TRUMP HOLD ANY PUBLIC OFFICE AGAIN! PEOPLE DIED BECAUSE OF HIS INCOMPETENCE

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Sen. Ron Johnson: "A trial of a former president is simply vindictive. It will divide."

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Accountability is the first step towards healing and moving forward.
Even Trump himself says “we are just getting started”.
Believe him the first time, please or Democracy will be the victim.
#AmericaOrTrump #ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump

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Bottom line, @MarcoRubio:

Trump - as president - incited an insurrection & attack on our Capitol.

As it stands, Trump is the front runner for the GOP nomination in 2024.

He can NEVER hold office again. Convicting him ensures that he won’t. We have to safeguard our future.

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@ProjectLincoln @timkaine, as a VA voter I couldn’t be more proud to see your name on seditionist Hawley’s whining complaint (even though we know as the Lincoln folks have told him, “the calls are coming from inside the house”😶). #neverhawley #AmericaOrTrump #SeditionHasConsequences

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@Lancegooden You stand with a US🇺🇸President that incited and unleashed a angry violent mob on the United States Capitol IN Joint Session to certifying the Electoral Votes for the election of President of the United States. You will FOREVER be on the WRONG side of history!!

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The greatest threat to America is Trump supporters. They have come to the end of "America is for whites" era. They will not go down without a fight. #AmericaOrTrump

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@marcorubio #AmericaOrTrump

He incited a riot on the Capitol. We ALL saw him do it!

His #DomesticTerrorists killed a LEO and resulted in 5 other deaths. Plus the close call to @Mike_Pence
life...which seems fine with you.

So...now you are pro-insurrection?
Pro cop killer?

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WhY aRE tHeY GOinG AfTeR a PriVaTe CiTiZen?!

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UPDATE: @Google says its PAC will "it will not be making any contributions this cycle to any member of Congress who voted against certification of the election results"

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